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ok. so this week I found the other kill bill icon contest community. Which really aggravated me, because before I made this I searched for it, and it did not show up. Livejournal is against me sometimes I swear.
WEll anyway...that doesn't mean this community can't continue, we can still get members and such, hooray!

and I am posting the results today instead of tommorw, I don't think it will make that much of a difference right now, because we don't have that many members.

I know I had you guys vote for 3..but there just isn't enough to really have 3 places. so there is just a first place this week, and it's a tie!

pinkpanic for

& harleyicons for


Thank you guys for joining and entering. and I am changing a few things. From now on all the entries will be posted as a comment to the post I make with the picture. The comments will be screened, so no one will know who makes any of the icons. & possibly having the voting screened too. So the new picture wil be posted in a new post asap.
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